Old-school ties help Bosch in South Carolina

Automotive News
February 18, 2019

Automotive employers require local support to flourish, as supplier Robert Bosch has in South Carolina for several decades. Bosch’s growing manufacturing operations require a steady flow of engineers coming in as well as partnerships with universities to keep up with changing technology and management practices.

Mike Mansuetti went to work for Bosch’s fuel injector plant in Charleston, S.C., in 1988 as a recent mechanical engineering graduate from Clemson University. The supplier and the South Carolina university now work together on several levels.

Mansuetti, 54, has been Bosch’s president for North American operations since 2012. He spoke with News Editor Lindsay Chappell during CES here last month about the company’s demand for more engineers, its close relations with Clemson and its ongoing investment in South Carolina.

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