The Operating Room of the Future

Wall Street Journal
Laura Landro
May 30, 2018

The operating room is getting smarter, more effective—and a lot less risky for patients.

Hospitals are investing in new devices, designs and digital technologies that promise a new era of innovation for surgery.

Another effort under way is to simply make better use of the typical 600-square-foot operating room. “ORs are often so cramped with no space to walk in and people climbing over carts and bending over equipment, which makes for an extremely unsafe environment,” says Anjali Joseph, director of the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing at Clemson University. Dr. Joseph is coleading a federally funded project with Scott Reeves, an anesthesiologist at the Medical University of South Carolina, to design an operating room that increases patient safety and is easier for OR teams to maneuver around.

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