South Carolina Port Volume Up for Year

SCSPA News Release
May 17, 2011

While the pace of global recovery is cooling, shipping activity through South Carolina’s ports remains up through the current fiscal year.

At its regular monthly board meeting today, the South Carolina Ports Authority today reported that container volume is up 10 percent in the current fiscal year to date (July 2010 through April 2011).

Public port facilities in Charleston moved 666,831 pier containers, up from 605,632 in the same period last year.

Breakbulk volume through the state’s ports – driven primarily by vehicle shipments from BMW and energy related projects – rose 40 percent from 551,000 tons last year to 773,000 tons this year.

The Ports Authority Board also approved two projects at its meeting.

As part of the organization’s Security Improvement Plan, the Ports Authority is acquiring five modular pre-manufactured structures for use as guard and security buildings at the North Charleston, Columbus Street and Veterans Terminals.

B.I.G. Enterprises will provide the buildings at a cost of $536,425. The purchase will be funded through a combination of federal Port Security Grants (75 percent) and the Authority (25 percent).

The Board also approved a project to adjust timber fenders between the ship and the dock at the existing Union Pier passenger terminal. Salmons Dredging of Charleston is being recommended to do the work at a cost of $197,764.

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