South Carolina’s only collegiate Aeronautics program coming to CSU

Charleston Southern University
August 19, 2020

South Carolina is one of only two states without a collegiate aeronautics program, but not for long. Charleston Southern University plans to offer a Bachelor of Science in aeronautics (Professional Pilot) beginning in fall of 2021. Students in the program will eventually be able to choose between three main tracks: Commercial, Military or Missionary Aviation.

“As we look to the future, Charleston Southern will maintain our presence at the leading edge of innovation and impact,” said CSU President Dr. Dondi Costin. “Our Aeronautics program is a natural extension of the university’s vision of integrating faith in learning, leading and serving as we prepare servant leaders to pursue significant lives. By preparing pilots to impact their spheres of influence as commercial, military or missionary pilots, we extend our reach into every corner of the globe.”

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