Southeastern U.S. Economic Boom Highlights Charleston Port Activity

Bollore Logistics
December 20, 2017

Rising trade and investment fuels the US Southeast’s economic surge, as more shippers choose Charleston, SC’s supply chain advantages and efficiencies.

The southeastern United States is experiencing a period of vibrant economic and demographic growth, with South Carolina central to much of that activity. In response, expanding businesses and international firms are carefully re-examining competing production, transportation and logistics capacities around the region for their operations. Consequently, an increasing number of companies are selecting South Carolina and accompanying Port of Charleston as offering the best solutions to improve efficiencies and lower costs of supply chains.

South Carolina is solidifying its status as the US Southeast’s gateway to the world, with the port of Charleston representing one of its most attractive assets to business partners. Its rising activity already ranks ninth in the U.S. in terms of tonnage, and is set to lift Charleston to the fifth spot by 2020. It’s expected to be among the top three USA ports in the next decade, trailing only New York and Los Angeles.

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