Lowcountry Suds Focus of New Book

Walk the streets of Charleston any given day and you will find no shortage of open bars, breweries and beer joints. Dubbed as a mecca of beer, Charleston boasts a vibrant history and culture that is steeped in the tradition of brewing. In November of 2010, local beer connoisseur, Timmons Pettigrew accepted an offer from The History Press to write a book that sheds new light on the history of beer in the Lowcountry. After a year of researching old newspapers, pictures and historical data, Pettigrew has recently announced the publication of his new book, Charleston Beer: A High-Gravity History of Lowcountry Brewing.

Pettigrew’s book contains more than 70 pages and covers subjects such as colonial-era breweries, crazy beer laws, effects of the prohibition in the Lowcountry and the modern era of brewing. With his book scheduled for an Oct. 6th release date, Pettigrew is set to make a round of house-calls to local beer retailers for book signings throughout September and into October.

With the local eye turned to all things beer, now is the best time to explore the area’s pubs and breweries. Need a kick-start? We suggest a trip to the Charleston Beer Exchange! Recently recognized as the best store of its kind in the United States by BeerAdvocate, Charleston Beer Exchange offers a multitude of unique craft beers. Want to browse Charleston’s beer scene in an official tour setting? Check out the daily tours with the Original Pub Tour of Charleston!

Observe Lowcountry Beer HQ, the launching pad for a regional brew revival.

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