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Made in the Lowcountry

CharlestDistil Unionon |South Carolina | USA has been dubbed the “World’s Best City,” for our quality of place and culture, and “Silicon Harbor”, for our burgeoning tech scene. But did you also know that we’re a manufacturing hot bed as well? Here are just some of the innovative products crafted in the Lowcountry:

  • Airplanes—The Charleston region is one of only three places in the world assembling and delivering wide-body commercial jets thanks to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner facility located in North Charleston. It’s no wonder some have called our region, “Boeing East”.



  • Cybersecurity—Lowcountry-based defense contractors are on the cutting edge of security: SPARC is creating mobile-apps for government industries while UEC Electronics is currently developing the next generation of intermodal security.


  • Apple Accessories—Charleston’s tech community is home to both software and product designers. Take for instance, Distil Union, which makes iPhone alarm clock Snooze, or Twelve South, which creates a host of accessories including BookBook, a handmade, hardback leather case that makes your Apple products look like vintage novels.


  • Biomedical Advancements—The region’s emerging biomedical market is comprised of companies like medical manufacturer, Belimed USA, a world leader in infection control products including ultrasonic cleaners, and TRUMPF, which creates medical tools for the operating theatre and intensive care unit.


  • High-Tech Synthetic Materials—Charleston is home to the most modern, fully-integrated graphite plant in North America thanks to Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. Producers of synthetic carbon and graphite, the Japanese-based company’s materials are used for high-powered electric furnace steelmaking, advanced energy systems and thermal and electric management.



  • Fashion Forward—Charleston has hosted its own Fashion Week since 2007, producing several designer success stories including Project Runway finalists Carol Hannah Whitfield and Gordana Gehlhausen. We’ve also given way to local designers such as Lindsey Carter of Troubadour, who cites the South as one of her major design influences and local stores like Hampden, noted by Vogue and Marie Claire as one of the top boutiques in the country.

We’re proud to say that the Charleston region is behind such a diverse range of creative and innovative products. To learn more, take a look at the full list of our region’s leading manufacturing employers— just another example of Charleston’s globally competitive economy and workforce.

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