Medica: The world’s largest medical device trade show

December 17, 2019

By Mike Graney

I counted them up and November’s trip to Medica marked my 14th consecutive appearance at the world’s largest medical device trade show. It is held annually in Düsseldorf, one of my favorite cities. I represented western Massachusetts for my first eight visits and Charleston | SC for the past six years with CRDA.

Massachusetts is one of the premier U.S. states for medical device R&D and manufacturing, but Charleston also offers many of the ingredients necessary to form a similarly successful medical device ecosystem:

  • The ability to attract high-end talent
  • The presence of, and training capacity for, assembly and manufacturing workers
  • The Medical University of South Carolina, which graduates talent, generates technology and IP that can be commercialized, and is an outstanding partner when we host life science companies
  • The Port of Charleston for importing materials and exporting finished products
  • Highly professional service providers, who have done deals with companies from all over the world and have expertise in life science issues

Team South Carolina, capably led by Nicholette Macklin from our Commerce Europe office in Munich, came home with multiple leads and projects. My colleagues from SC Commerce, SCBIO and around the state have been actively engaged in follow-up, making connections for the companies we met, and preparing to host visits.

This may have been my top Medica ever measured by number of viable projects that came out of it. We look forward to welcoming these companies to South Carolina.

We welcome communication with any interested medical device, life science or advanced industry company interested in locating in a beautiful city in a competitive state in the southeastern U.S.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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