New City Park To Emerge Beside Charles Towne Landing

Ashem Farm is unspoiled land across a tidal creek from Charles Towne Landing, and is now owned by the citizens of Charleston County.

There was plenty to celebrate earlier this week when the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission joined forces with Lowcountry Open Land Trust to announce the creation of the region’s newest park. Ashem Farm, a 44-acre tract located across a tidal creek from Charles Towne Landing (the state’s birthplace) was recently bequeathed to LOLT by its long-time owner, Emily Ravenel Farrow. Her wish was for the public to enjoy it, and they soon will. The announcement was attended by local dignitaries and media and generated quite a bit of good buzz.

Imagine: 44 acres of untouched space right in the heart of Charleston. The PRC will conduct an archeological study of the land, and then seek public input on how to develop the passive park space. A Post and Courier poll showed that 70% of taxpayers favored the purchase.


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