Reality Show Pilot Follows Charleston Gallery Director as He Hunts For Treasure

A new gallery opened up on Lower King St. this year, but the items on display are nothing like other galleries in town–pirate treasure! Galleons Lost lets visitors see real-life “Pirates of the Caribbean” artifacts. A new reality show pilot, The Island Tracker, will follow gallery director, Rich Mutschler, on a hunt for treasure.

Tom Harvey, HBO director, and Mutschler traveled to Europe in September to find countries with rich treasure history. Then, the crew films in Charleston in October. In January 2011, the crew will be shooting in Bali. Producers are looking for adults interested in taking part in this pilot and traveling with the crew on a trading and cultural expedition to Bali. Call 843-577-3862 or 561-373-0619 if you’re interested in participating in the trip to Bali.

The Galleon’s Lost website described the show:

…a combination in elements of Antique Road Show and Fantasy Island. In each episode, the host, Rich Mutschler, leads his group of art and antiquity collectors on a quest to acquire rare cultural and treasure related items from Europe to the Spice Islands of Indonesia. Rich uses years of expertise in the ethnographic and treasure related fields to reveal the stories behind the history of selected artifacts as expedition participants wonder in awe over the allure and value of their acquisitions.

According to the Galleons Lost website, the gallery features…

authentic and rare objects from the spice routes to China dated back to the 16th and 17th centuries in a unique gallery setting. The treasure gallery offers investment and museum quality maritime pirate treasure including shipwreck coins of the Pirate age like gold doubloons and pieces of 8, black pearls, gold treasure and jewelry, Spanish and Portuguese bronze cannon and armaments, Ming porcelain, highly collectible Keris knives, design silver jewelry manufactured from shipwreck salvage silver and more. Our collection of salvage coins from international wrecks sites includes coins from the famous Atocha and Santa Margarita shipwrecks as well as the renowned Panama treasure hoard. All are certified with a Lifetime Exchange. Galleons Lost brings the mystery and the lure of treasure hidden for centuries to the Holy City.” Galleons Lost sells to wholesalers.

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