The Stats You Don’t Know (But Should)

December 13, 2017

“Where are you from?” asked a new acquaintance.

“Oh, I’m from northeast Ohio!” I answer.

“Wow, everyone in Charleston is from Ohio!” said the stranger in annoyance.

I have this conversation about once a week, and before working at the CRDA, I had no idea whether this sentiment was correct or not. Are the majority of new Charleston area residents from Ohio? No.

Here are the top 10 areas sending people to the Charleston region:

Note that Ohio doesn’t even make the top 10, and four of the referring cities are within South Carolina. For example, 2,300 people from Columbia and 2,250 people from Greenville moved to the Charleston region from 2010-2014.

Over the past five years, 37,601 people moved to the Charleston metro from 253 areas tracked by the U.S. Census. The net-in migration for Charleston is 12,700 people or 34 people per day.

Here are some quick facts about our new neighbors:

  • 62% are 18-44 years old
  • 63% have post-secondary education beyond high school
  • 28% have some college or Associate’s Degree
  • 35% have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • 10% are international

Compared to similar metros highlighted in the Regional Economic Scorecard, the Charleston region’s population growth is moderate. Seattle is adding 166 people per day and Austin 157 people per day. Whether they are coming from Ohio or South Carolina, Charleston’s stable population growth is a result of the region’s economic success, over many years. And it’s important to ensure everyone feels welcome in our community.

Think of yourselves as community ambassadors and the next time you hear negative stereotypes perpetuated, set the record straight!

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