Strong Relationships Build a Strong Economy

September 11, 2019

By: Brent Jonas

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) recently released its latest State of the Industry report with the survey question: “Have you entered into partnerships or combined resources with other community stakeholders to enhance economic development efforts in your market?”

78% said yes, which sounds low until you learn only 50% responded yes in the 2014 survey. If economic development is a team sport, this survey shows markets are getting more serious about building their bench strength. And that includes Charleston.

Charleston Regional Development Alliance (CRDA) amplified our engagement with community stakeholders to boost economic development over the past five years. CRDA has always been strategically-driven and connected to our stakeholders. As our region’s economy has matured and attracted global companies like Mercedes-Benz Vans, Google, and Volvo, the discussion has evolved from attracting jobs and capital investment to also questions about infrastructure, education, talent availability, affordability, and traffic. These issues are not ours to tackle alone. The One Region Global Competitiveness Strategy calls on many organizations and leaders to work together with a common vision and roadmap for our community. It underscores that the strength of our strategic relationships is vital to the success of this Alliance and our region’s economy.

CRDA recently wrapped up a successful, year-long private-sector investment campaign that will help fund our region’s economic development efforts for the next five years. In addition to retaining 95% of investors, we gained 32 new investors, increased private-sector revenue by 11%, and added 23 new members to our Board of Directors. These companies and their leaders invest in the CRDA because they believe in our mission of serving as a catalyst for long-term, sustainable regional prosperity by attracting the world’s best companies, talent, and entrepreneurs. Their support means that, together with our county partners and the educational and non-profit leaders in our three-county region, we are strongly positioned to continue building on the region’s success.

Our strategic partnerships have been the key to Charleston’s ability to attract world-class companies and talent to our market. They will continue to be vital to winning new opportunities and addressing the global competitiveness issues that accompany growth and sustained economic success.

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