The Rise of Super Trees


Has anyone ever heard of ‘super trees’? I didn’t until recently. Apparently they are “trees that have been genetically engineered to grow faster, produce more wood on less land, thrive in unfamiliar climates and be processed more easily into wood or paper once they are cut down.”

arborgen.jpgThe company behind this science is ArborGen, a biotechnology company in the Lowcountry that plans to grow super trees in local factories. They are hoping to improve the genetic makeup of trees grown for paper, wood or biofuels and conserve the world’s rainforests (which loses a 100,000 acres a day).

Yet another cool company in our area spearheading some leading-edge technology and engineering!

And, from what I understand, the idea is to have robots run these factories one day. Check out recent articles on the company at & Fortune.

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