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November 8, 2018

By Karen Davison

South Carolina’s rapid growth and success in the life sciences sector is the fuel behind the 2018 SCBIO Conference (SCBIO), which recently attracted 200+ business leaders and industry experts from across the nation to Charleston| SC. We’ve crafted our key takeaways from SCBIO utilizing the conference’s theme: Connect. Collaborate. Advance.

Connect | Connections are perhaps the most valuable assets one can possess, especially when looking to create awareness of and opportunity for a growing industry ecosystem. During SCBIO, the following connections were mentioned as critical game changers for life sciences success in SC:

  • Industry experts + industry professionals = share ideas and contacts for continued growth
  • Industry professionals/experts + schools & universities = create awareness of types of jobs available
  • life sciences companies + government officials = to promote/deter policy in the industry
  • life science professionals + workforce = discover where mentorships can be fostered
  • Industry professionals/experts + community = increase awareness of heath care system and infrastructure

Collaborate | Collaboration is key to driving SC’s Life Science industry forward and SCBIO recognized its importance throughout the conference. Specifically, SCBIO highlighted the recent partnership between Siemens Healthineers and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) through a keynote session led by Kathy Phlegar of Phlegar & Associates. With this collaboration, they plan to attack improving the pathway for stroke care, decreasing the door to needle time to 25 minutes, ensuring the new MUSC Children’s Hospital is on the cutting edge, and more.The strength and value of collaboration within this partnership will change what’s possible in healthcare.

Advance | As the life sciences community continues to connect and collaborate, one cluster advancement will drastically alter the way we think and work: Data. Data is moving outside of the lab and taking a more prominent role in patient treatment. Leaders from cybersecurity to health systems, medical devices and more all emphasized that message. SCBIO brought a voice to the importance of integrating more data into tools and techniques in our health systems.

With an annual economic impact of $11+ Billion and 400+ life sciences companies, the state’s remarkable achievements are difficult to ignore. It is clear the momentum for growing SC’s life sciences ecosystem will continue to build. Please contact us, if you would like to learn more about opportunities in the Charleston region.

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