Top 5 Reasons Tech Pros Choose Charleston | SC | USA

It’s no secret that Charleston | SC | USA is a top destination among travelers. But of the millions that visit our (award-worthy) community, more and more are deciding to make Charleston the place where they live, work and play.

Ask any one of the 11,000+ people employed in tech occupations in Charleston and you’ll find that many first came as a visitor before they discovered the region’s thriving digital economy—Charleston ranks fourth in the nation for high-tech industry output growth, alongside Austin, San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Charleston’s tech community includes 200+ companies of all sizes doing work in software, creative, tech products and more. In fact, 120+ of those companies are hiring right now. [source: Charleston Works]

Here are some of the top reasons why tech professionals choose Charleston:

  1. You Can Have a Career, Not Just a Job – Tech professionals in Charleston are less interested in ticking off their to-do list and more interested in honing in on their careers. That’s why so many of our tech professionals decided to depart from big tech hubs, where talent is a revolving door. In Charleston, everyone is empowered to create real growth and offer leadership within their companies—whether it’s alongside a dozen people or hundreds. For those still looking for access to big names, here are just some of the leading clients of Charleston-based companies: Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Boy Scouts of America, Ticketmaster, Carl’s Jr., Under Armour, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and more.
  1. It’s a Place to Pursue Your Passions – Yes, these are all things tech professionals in Charleston do on top of doing cutting-edge work with leading companies. Charleston offers a work-life balance that lets you pursue personal passions both in your career and at home. Plus, bring-your-dog-to-work days and beers on tap are just some of the common perks found in Charleston tech offices.
  1. Our Tech Companies Collaborate – In Charleston, tech companies work with each other and sometimes HR professionals share talent prospects. Take for example, the Charleston Digital Corridor‘s Charleston Works tech map – which encourages people to see where other tech companies are located and who’s hiring in the region. Or, Charleston Women in Tech, which has grown to a 900+ person mentorship and networking community. The region’s top tech companies have even come together to launch Charleston Open Source, a one-stop shop for tech career resources.
  1. We Have James Beard and Bourdain-Worthy Food – It’s not just tech professionals who are moving to Charleston for a better quality of life, it’s chefs too. Fine dining pros from major metros like New York City are bringing their craft to Charleston, joining our culinary community of James Beard award-winning restaurants. Still not sure Charleston has the culinary chops? Then take Bill Murray’s word for it, “The standard of food here is so high when I go around any place, I just go ‘eh,’ ” (as said to Anthony Bourdain).
  1. Newcomers Can Quickly Become Locals – With an average of 30 people moving here daily, Charleston’s tech community is comprised of people from all over, including New York, D.C., Atlanta, Seattle and more. Because most everyone here was originally from somewhere else, it adds up to a welcoming community that’s not about asking “who you know,” but instead learning who you are.

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You can also visit our Charleston Open Source website 24/7 to access job openings, testimonials and other resources to learn more about our tech community.

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