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Why Charleston for Life Sciences?


Global trade and investment are driving the Charleston region’s continued success.

For companies seeking to enter or expand in the US, CRDA is here to guide you through the process. The innovative Charleston community offers the energy and excitement of a region on the rise.

Global trade and investment are driving the Charleston region’s continued success. From the Port of Charleston to the growing life sciences industry, Charleston is global in nature – with international competitors, supply chains and talent.

Attracting and supporting foreign direct investment is a foundational element of the Charleston market’s global competitiveness. Ready to join this vibrant community? Learn more:

Meeting global demand for patient independence: SHL Medical expands production in Charleston, US

With demand for its drug delivery solutions growing fast, SHL Medical chose Charleston, South Carolina, as the strategic location for a new manufacturing site. Chief operating officer Martin Turvill explains why.



The cluster effect: Connectivity and collaboration in life sciences hubs

A strong talent pipeline, first-rate infrastructure and proven track record are often what draws life sciences companies to industry clusters like Charleston, US – but how important is the cluster’s connectivity and collaborative environment to their future success?




What factors are driving life sciences FDI in 2022?

Investment Monitor explores top drivers for greenfield FDI in the life sciences, including examples from Charleston, South Carolina – a mid-sized US metro that is ripe for investment.




Why moving from Europe to Charleston to work in medtech was a win-win for me and my family

Boarding a one-way flight out of the Slovenian capital city of Ljubljana to relocate some 4,800 miles (7,700km) to the US city of Charleston, SC, is a huge move, and it is one that Andreja Tajnic, chief financial officer at Belimed USA, decided to take in 2021. Here, she shares her experiences of working and living in Charleston, SC, with Investment Monitor.



How a leading US medical university is working with industry to drive innovation for life science businesses in Charleston

Investment Monitor spoke to Jesse Goodwin, PhD, chief innovation officer at the Medical University of South Carolina, to find out how the institution is collaborating with industry partners to grow within, and alongside, the life science sector in Charleston, SC.



Life science recruitment expert explains how Charleston is attracting top talent from across the globe

Investment Monitor spoke to Joyce De Leo, PhD, executive search consultant at WittKieffer, on why Charleston, SC, is on track to become the next epicentre for US life sciences, including her own experiences relocating and recruiting to the region.



Why this global life sciences COO believes relocation to Charleston was key to achieving next-level success

After visiting 100 potential sites across eight different states, nutraceutical company Thorne HealthTech began a huge relocation to Charleston, SC, in 2014 and has never looked back. Here, Thorne COO Tom McKenna explains what drove its decision and subsequent success.



The powerful networks advancing life sciences in Charleston

Aligned by a shared vision for a healthier world, a united life sciences sector is a powerful thing. In the Charleston, South Carolina, market, strong synergies between new and established businesses, academic institutions and state-led initiatives provide prime opportunities for scientific innovation and business success. A growing cluster of life science companies prove testament to the power of the region’s networks.


The power of infrastructure: How Charleston is expanding horizons for life science companies

Life science businesses like Horizon Scientific depend on Charleston’s intermodal transportation infrastructure to deliver products to the marketplace by road, sea, air and rail. Continued investments in the metro area ensure they won’t be let down.



Explained: Charleston’s booming life sciences ecosystem

Strong ties with academia and a thriving business growth ecosystem, notably in the life sciences sector, make the area an attractive place for business leaders – and that’s before you consider the high standard of living.





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