Why I Moved to Charleston


August 4, 2022
By Jillian Bunting, Marketing Communications Manager

In 2019, when I was looking to further my education, I began researching MBA programs across the country. I had quite a few requirements: condensed 1-year program, in person, the opportunity to utilize my knowledge abroad, access to a reputable mentor, and affordable. College of Charleston’s 1-Year MBA Program fit the bill and, in a few short months, I found myself moving to Charleston, SC, sight unseen.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of life that Charleston offered that I didn’t have while living in my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My cost of living was cheaper, people were friendlier, and everyone seemed to be much more active. Fast forward to graduating in June 2020, and the world was a different place. I made the tough decision to return to my hometown to figure out my next move. As I drove away, I knew that I would return.

Now that I’m back (for good), I have been shocked at not only the growth that has taken place but also the variety of activities happening all over Charleston. While I was earning my MBA, there wasn’t much time to explore between classes, campus involvement, and a part-time job. I am learning there is much more to Charleston than its beautiful downtown — there are free beaches to relax on, new restaurants to experience, fun workout classes inside AND outside, a range of live music to unwind to, sunshine, and all-around unique areas to explore.

When I first moved back to Charleston in April 2022, I decided to sublease for a couple of months downtown, a place I knew, to get my bearings and truly decide where I wanted to live. I quickly learned after living nearly a decade in different cities, downtown accommodations  were no longer for me. I desired a community just outside historic offerings that offered a pool, on-site gym, and was pet friendly. I got all of this and so much more after exploring the range of housing options that Charleston has to offer.

Moving to Charleston from Pennsylvania has been an adjustment, and I do miss my family and friends. I love that the Charleston International Airport is a short 10-minute drive from my apartment and offers affordable flights to Philadelphia making visiting very convenient. I have also found that Charleston has a lot of opportunities to build connections through organizations such as Charleston Young Professionals and various interest-based gatherings through platforms like Meetup. I am excited to see what my future holds here in Charleston.


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