30th Annual Cooper River Bridge Run


Thousands of people gather annually in Charleston to participate its world-class 10-K run/walk over the Cooper River. This is the second year the new Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge will be used, spanning 2.5 miles in length and 200 feet high. As I was gathering information on the event to post to our site, I ran across some interesting facts… like did you know the race was created to promote continuous physical activity and a healthy lifestyle? In retrospect, it completely makes sense… but, it’s quite nice to know that the Charleston region is encouraging such behavior. In fact, the Cooper River Bridge Run ‘serves as a model of health motivation for other communities throughout the world’ with objectives to:

  • increase interest in cardiovascular exercise in the community.
  • raise funds for public education on the importance of exercise.
  • generate a spirit of community involvement and volunteerism.

It’s wonderful to watch so many people from around the world ‘exercise’ for a worthy cause. I, myself, am a runner but am either to scarred or claustrophobic to tackle the bridge. Regardless, I’m in luck… the Charleston region is full of inspiring trails, roads and paths, all of which are surrounded by the beauty of our natural environment. So whether you prefer to walk along the water, take a stroll down historic roads or run across cable-drawn bridges, you’ve come to the right place.

photo credit: Post and Courier

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