The Charleston region provides an extensive network of support and resources for both startups and established companies. A spirit of collaboration sets Charleston’s business community apart. It’s welcoming. We want you to succeed. Our leaders are always willing to collaborate, contemplate, cooperate and are committed to pushing the region forward.

With a collaborative creative community, supportive entrepreneurial network, skilled talent pool, numerous colleges, startup incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, code education programs/camps, tech conferences, meetups and user groups, Charleston offers the ideal environment for entrepreneurs to thrive in a metro that consistently tops the World’s Best Cities lists.

Charleston | SC is one of the top small U.S. metros for entrepreneurship, with a 34% growth in new companies from July 2018 – July 2021, according to Linked In data.

The Place to Launch

Succeed & Thrive

Riley Csernica

MS, MBA, Co-Founder
Tarian Orthotics, LLC

"Charleston has provided my startup with mentoring, seed capital, and affordable office space that allowed my entrepreneurial dreams to become reality. In order to grow the entrepreneurial community, we must not overlook or underestimate the next generation of entrepreneurs."

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