Charleston Co. Schools Rewarded for Saving Energy

Charleston County Schools are reaping the rewards of their energy conservation efforts, because they’re getting a portion of the money saved! It makes sense for the environment and the county budget, and now the students, teachers, adminstrators and staff of these energy-conscious schools will have a little extra money to spend.


Nearly half of Charleston County’s 77 schools spent less than their utilities budget, which saved the district over $235,000. Schools will be rewarded for this effort by earning $.20 for every dollar saved, so how much money will each school receive? A rebate for $2,569 was given to one of the top 5 energy-saving schools, and $47,000 total will be dispersed to the 33 schools that came in under budget.

This voluntary energy conservation program is slated for three years, so keep up the good work teachers! Click here to read the whole story from Post & Courier.

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