Charleston in Full Swing

Senior PGA LogoI’m a couple of weeks past due, but I still have to mention how much the world of golf is appreciated in our community… so much to the extent that two major championships recently chose our region to host their professional tournaments. I have to admit that prior to this year I didn’t really consider myself a golf fan, but after experiencing the Senior PGA Tournament on Kiawah Island, the sport now has a new follower. You couldn’t have asked for anything more… the weather was perfect, the greens flawless, the Charleston people as nice as they’ve always been and the players as fearless as ever. And, this challenging course was definitely one to be feared! Coming home from the Tournament, I drove right past the Ginn Tribute hosted by Annika in Mount Pleasant, where the LPGA Tournament took place. Another international championship right at our fingertips!

How cool is it that so many avid golf players and fans choose to spend their time on Charleston greens. It’s nice to be reminded of our wonderful lifestyle, full of inspiring recreational opportunities.

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