Charleston | South Carolina | USA: In the Driver’s Seat

Since 2011, South Carolina’s auto industry has attracted over $5 billion in capital investment and BMWs at Portcreated nearly 8,000 related jobs. The Charleston region, with its heavy concentration of engineering talent, deepwater port, and strategic location along the eastern seaboard, is establishing itself as a major contributor to the Southeast’s rapidly expanding auto sector.

The Charleston region—which is home to more than 100 automotive manufacturers and suppliers and 6,500 auto industry jobs—is joining the South Carolina delegation at the 65th annual IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany, to showcase the region’s automotive prowess.

Want to learn more about Charleston’s growing automotive cluster? Here are a few examples of the auto industry’s key manufacturers and suppliers who call Charleston home:

The Charleston region plays another vital role in the growth of South Carolina’s and the Southeast’s auto industry through exports. For example, the deepwater Port of Charleston exports BMW’s entire X-Series fleet—which is manufactured three hours northwest of Charleston, in Spartanburg, S.C.

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