Charleston’s Own Colbert Broadcasting from Iraq

Charleston native and host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert, will be broadcasting his final show from Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq tonight.

I find it inspiration to see a Charlestonian work his way up in the entertainment industry to eventually get his own comedy show, and to broadcast in Iraq among America’s finest, is certainly a great honor.

Iraq Colbert

Colbert is known for his playful, political commentaries and brought that spirit to entertain the troops at Camp Victory. The series of four tapings began with a head shaving and follows a similar format as US tapings with skits and news-style reports. The Colbert’s series, “Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando,” is the first time anyone has broadcast a taped, non-news talk show fully produced and broadcast from Iraq as part of a USO tour. 

He has also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which helps injured service members and their families. Colbert even has an Ben and Jerry’s ice cream named after him, Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream, which raised funds for the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Watch full episodes from the series until now: June 8, June 9, June 10

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