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Earth Day + Kulture Klash 4

The 4th edition of Kulture Klash is upon us this Saturday and once again is going to be a huge success and bring out some of the greatest and most unique talent this area has to over! Post & Courier’s article has a great rundown of all the events going on, and specifically highlights the Earth Day weekend combo which I think is pretty great. Not only are the founders putting on an amazing event, but they’re keeping true to their green roots and putting forth a commitment to remain eco-friendly throughout the night—starting with the re-used venue –the former Lowcountry Food Bankphoto-pr16cover_copy_t180 on Cosgrove Ave.

Here’s more:

–Mellow Mushroom will be using the least amount of paper products by serving hand-held pizza slices requiring no utensils and creating less waste.

–In the beverage gardens, beer and wine will be served in compostable/biodegradable corn cups. Souvenir cups also are being offered so people can take them home instead of throwing them out.

–Party guests will be encouraged to recycle their Red Bull cans and SmartWater bottles on site.

–The LEEP Biodiesel bus will be shuttling people hourly to and from Charleston Museum downtown to the event to reduce the carbon footprint and fuel consumption as well as get everyone home safely.

–The putt-putt course was made out of at least 50 percent biodegradable materials.

–And the founders said they recycled as much as they could in using this new space.

Come out and join the fun Saturday night!

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