GIC Interview: Ambergre’ Sloan


We had an opportunity this week to connect with Ambergré Sloan, who has been a Charlestonian for almost 8 years. Amber started Charleston’s Most Unique — a word of mouth directory for businesses, people, places and events. We all agree that she is helping to keep inspiration alive in Charleston!

What do you do?
Ready? Well, I run a website called (magazine too), I work as a prenatal massage therapist at The Momspa, I am an alternative fuel enthusiast working at Southeast Biodiesel and I deliver food for Ken at OM cooking. I’m a floater and I love it.

What are you liking right now?
The hummus plate at Trusted Palate, the temperature outside and Band of Horses.

What inspires you?
Being around like-minded people who want to talk about all the good things that are happening and how great the future is…and trying to contribute to that.

What’s the best thing about Charleston?
I have so many supportive and amazing friends. It’s mind-boggling.

What three things would you tell a friend to do/see in Charleston?
Bike or walk around the old Navy Base in N Charleston…the vibe in there is unexplainable. Absolutely check out the downtown Farmer’s Market (take the culinary tour too) and GO KAYAKING! Drop in on Sullivan’s or James Island and paddle away…we are so lucky to live near the water.

How did you land here in Charleston?
I grew up in NY (brrr), but always knew I wanted to live in the South. So, I moved here in 1997. I would rather sweat than shiver any day of the week… actually enjoy it.

If you ran the region for a day, what would you do?
Put commuter trains on all of those unused rails, put biodiesel in all school and CARTA buses, give walkers and bikers right of way EVERYWHERE and surround Marion Square with a huge mosquito net so we could have movies in the park every week, from March to November.

Finish this sentence….In 2015 Charleston will be______? Underwater if we don’t start taking better care of this planet.

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