Hitting the Airwaves and Internet

Charleston earns a good bit of glowing travel press, which helps cast a halo on the CRDA’s business attraction activities.

We believe it’s just as important to tell the world that this destination is also a great place for business.

One of the ways we’ve spread this message is through media tours, which put our leaders face to face with key business reporters and editors. A recent NYC tour gave CRDA President & CEO David Ginn, and SC Ports Authority CEO Jim Newsome an opportunity to make the case for Charleston being the nation’s 50′ deepwater harbor in the South Atlantic, and how we are uniquely situated to offer companies global connections.

By taking our region’s story to the media, we can help shape public opinion, public policy and more.

This clip from FoxNews.com Live offered a great opportunity to explain the link between harbor deepening and global competitiveness. Being a part of the national dialogue on infrastructure investment is critical to growing economic prosperity in our three-county region.

This 3-minute video from the Wall Street Journal ‘s news site focuses on Chinese companies looking to locate in the U.S. and S.C., and references “those nice folks from South Carolina and the Port of Charleston.” The same reporter also published a print article on the topic.

Collectively, these efforts tell the world that we’re about more than great food, enviable golf, world-class beaches and gorgeous landscapes. We remind them that they could actually enjoy all those assets and run a profitable business here.


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