Local Maker of Mac Accessory Named “Great Gadget”

MacWorld has selected 38 great gadgets for 2009, and a locally-based company’s gadget was featured on the list–the BookArcwww.twelvesouth.com. BookArc is produced by TwelveSouth and acts as a stand for Apple Macbooks. The product was released in August and is on the cover of this month’s MacWorld.

The purpose of the BookArc is simple, yet practical. It allows users to free up space on their desk, while boosting the computer’s performance when plugged into an external monitor. Co-founder and design principal at TwelveSouth explains,

When a MacBook is running closed in the BookArc, it will automatically dedicate 100% of its video memory to the external display — instead of splitting it with the built-in display. The result is a noticeable speed increase when working Photoshop, Aperture, iPhoto and other graphics-intensive applications.

MacWorld also included the BookArc on their holiday gift list for products under $150.

TwelveSouth was formed in early 2009 and plans to introduce twelve new Mac products each year. Visit their products page to see all TwelveSouth gadgets.

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