South Carolina No. 4 State for Doing Business

Area Development
September 13, 2021

When we last took stock of Area Development’s Top States for Doing Business, it was a bit hard to gauge what “doing business” was even supposed to look like. In 2020, the country was riding one wave of COVID-19 after another, mixing times of turmoil and concern with ripples of reassurance and optimism.

A year later, the country has undergone significant economic recovery, followed by another time of coronavirus concern. Still, amid the roller-coaster ride, there have been some significant high points and positive business headlines. Plenty of companies continue to grow, some of them dramatically, and with growth comes the need to expand and explore new locations.

And so, we turn once again to our expert panel of consultants, who have been around the business of location and economic development for many collective years. Our location professionals know what businesses are seeking and how states are responding — and they have exceptional instincts for which states are faring the best in several key categories of interest.

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