Why Charleston, South Carolina is a Strategic Location for Career Growth

Shawn Saulsberry
October 6, 2020

As a native of Charleston, one must think about why the city is not only a great place to live, but also a great place to build a career. Given these times of racism and social injustice, I also have to consider whether African Americans, like myself, or indigenous people or people of color can actually have equal access to the components that make for a good career: education, experience, inclusion, mentoring, sponsorship and a broad network. In all honesty, I left Charleston and went elsewhere to build my career. Why would I come back now, at the summit of my career? Perhaps it was Charleston’s One Region Global Competitiveness Strategy, which seeks to ensure that residents have access to high-quality learning opportunities. Maybe the support and platform afforded me by Ernst & Young LLP (EY) were a motivator. Reflecting back, it is the leaders who invest in people, the opportunities for growth and actionable steps toward diversity that make Charleston a city where you can expand your career.

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