North Charleston – SC’s Most Sustainable City?

From eco-friendly redevelopment with Oak Terrace Preserve to the state’s first LEED certified school, North Charleston is doing everything it can to become South Carolina’s “most sustainable city”.

If you haven’t heard about everything going on around the Noisette area in North Charleston, you’re missing out. Focused on revitalizing the grounds of the former Navy Base, Noisette and local developers have adopted civic guidelines to “put sustainable into practice.”

boardwalk-at-riverfront-par.jpgAuthor Keith West recently editorialized North Charleston’s sustainable efforts (read the article). The best part about this initiative is how several entities are actively taking steps to add to the community’s success. Area businesses and schools, City Council elected officials and local housing developers are all contributing to the ‘sustainable’ movement.

North Charleston residents have reason to celebrate. But, what do you think? Is North Charleston really the most sustainable city in the state? It’s definitely inspiration for other communities to follow similar paths…

Photography by Brennan Wesley. Courtesy of Noisette Company.

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