Taste Buds Choose Charleston!

Charleston was recently named a favorite gourmet destination by Travelocity.Ca. According to a recent Travel Industry Association of America (TIA) study, 58 percent of all U.S. leisure travellers say they are somewhat/very interested in taking a trip to engage in culinary or wine-related activities in the next year. And, it looks like they may be heading our way for some tasty treats!

Frogmore StewTravelocity’s editors went around the world looking for new and old destinations that had something yummy to offer their taste buds. Chosen for its “soul food”, Charleston was one of ten cities worldwide to carry this year’s honor. Here’s what the judges had to say about our grub:

“Some may call it soul food, but in Charleston they call it Low Country cuisine. Prevailing as the undisputed local favourite, this culinary specialty infuses restaurant menus with dishes such as Frogmore Stew, She-Crab Soup and Hoppin’ John. Rice, grits and fresh, local produce play an integral role in the creation of these truly Southern meals, and the waters that surround South Carolina’s Low Country inspire local cooks more often than not with seafood dishes found on just about every menu”

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