The Navy Yards

Interesting story in a recent issue of Metropolis magazine about “another” Navy Yard project…this time in Philadelphia. Like our urban redevelopment project at the old Navy Base in North Charleston, the Philadelphia project has utilized 1,000 acres (about the same size as Philly’s entire downtown) of former base property to develop a new mixed use district. The masterplan, conceived by Robert A. M. Stern Architects, calls for commercial ship building operations, a commercial center, a research park, a marina district, a historic core and the eastern end.


While a number of small and mid-size businesses set up shop at The Navy Yar (roughly 70 businesses with a total of 7,000 employees) it’s the recent move by Urban Outfitters to relocate its HQ to the site that made people stand up and take notice. The site was a perfect fit with the company’s culture and they developed an inspired campus that houses the company and sister companies (Anthropologie, Free People, etc.). Here are some pics from the article…




Very cool to see the end product take shape, and it makes the North Charleston Navy Yard/Noisette project all the more exciting as it comes to life.

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