X-Ray Art Show Comes to Charleston

Martin Gallery will welcome a photographer this weekend who doesn’t always use a camera to create his artwork. Don Dudenbostel’s “culinary X-rays” will be on display at his Smorgasbord show through July. Dudenbostel studied photography under Ansel Adams, and has exhibited his award-winning photographs around the globe.

Dudenbostel has been doing x-ray photography since high school, and has been focusing on this medium in recent years. Fruit and vegetables are the subject matter for this show. Martin Gallery’s event description reads:

Through X-ray photography, Don Dudenbostel is able to capture the hidden inner beauty in objects of the natural world, such as flowers and shells. The delicate nature of Don’s work draws the viewer in, allowing them to take a glimpse into a world that is not visible to the naked eye. The simple beauty of each object is captured with elegance, detail, and intriguing clarity…Don dives into the vegetable bin with a new collection focuses on familiar fruits and vegetables, shown in an unfamiliar way…Take a glimpse into the natural patterns and textures of your food, as can only be revealed through X-ray photography: chili peppers, okra and lemons, oh my!

An opening reception will take place tonight from 5-8 p.m. Then on Saturday at 11:30 a.m., Dudenbostel will present an Artist Lecture on his creative process. Martin Gallery is located at 18 Broad St.

via martingallerycharleston.com

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