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Location & Expansion Log

Diverse companies – from startups to multinational corporations – continue to relocate and expand existing operations in the Charleston region.

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CRDA-Facilitated Projects


Behr Heat Transfer

December 17, 1999

Jobs: 140
Investment: $30.0 Million

Manufacture engine cooling systems

Behr Heat Transfer Systems, a global manufacturer of radiators, chain air coolers and complete engine systems, is expanding its operation in the Charleston region. The company anticipates that the expansion will add significantly to its North American presence.

Export Packaging Company

December 10, 1999

Jobs: 80
Investment: $8.7 Million

Dashboard & transmission module assembly

Export Packaging is the largest of five Western Star suppliers that will operate out of a single facility near the truck assembly plant. The company will supply Western Star with numerous pre-assembled components, including dashboard and transmission assemblies that are ready to drop into the chassis. The company promotes its services as more efficient, cost effective and of as high a quality as in-house alternatives. The company has been pleased to discover here a tremendous commitment to quality and a high level of productivity.

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc.

December 10, 1999

Jobs: 5
Investment: $0.5 Million

Manufacture wheel and tire assemblies

This supplier to Western Star manufactures just-in-time wheel and tire assemblies, creating a one-stop-shop for Western Star assemblers. The company's products are considered very high quality, which is critical considering the wear and tear that occurs on commercial trucking routes.

Interior Truck Trim Ltd.

December 10, 1999

Jobs: 80
Investment: $0.5 Million

Manufacture and install interior truck trim

Interior Truck Trim will make and install the trim work inside Western Star's custom-built trucks. The company will utilize Special Schools to train its new workers. The company's headquarters are located in British Columbia, Canada.

Matko Design Group SC

December 10, 1999

Jobs: 5
Investment: $0.05 Million

Vehicle graphics and fleet marking systems

Matko Design Group, SC is a division of the family-owned and -operated Matko Marketing Ltd. based in Canada, which provides vehicle vinyl graphics. The company, which specializes in short-run graphics and fleet marking systems, has supplied product to Western Star for nearly a decade.

Hook Up, Inc.

December 10, 1999

Jobs: 30
Investment: $0.25 Million

New truck distribution

This Western Star supplier specializes in the conveyance of newly assembled trucks cross-country to their dealerships. Hook Up has its headquarters in Joplin, Missouri.

Parker Hannifin Corporation

October 28, 1999

Jobs: 80
Investment: $7.9 Million

Manufacture fuel injection components for combustion engines

Industry Week has named Parker Hannifin, Cleveland OH, one of the nation’s best-managed companies, and the Lowcountry will soon count it among its growing business community. The company will soon break ground in the new, Class A Mt. Holly Commerce Park, where it will run a production facility for its new Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division. Many of the jobs produced there will be in the engineering and administrative divisions.


October 21, 1999

Jobs: 15
Investment: $3.0 Million

Industrial crane distribution, service & sales

One of the world’s leading suppliers of mechanical engineering and automotive technology has brought a distribution center to Ladson. Germany’s Mannesmann Dematic will operate here a new group, named Demag, to ship industrial cranes to markets along the East Coast. Company officials cited the Port of Charleston and the can-do spirit of local economic development officials as the key reasons for locating here.

Robert Bosch Corporation

October 19, 1999

Jobs: 400
Investment: $150.0 Million

Expansion of fuel injection manufacturing operations

Bosch, market leader in the automotive parts industry, has expanded for the fifth time in the Charleston region. The company will install here a new manufacturing line to serve the growth in demand for diesel fuel engine components. Bosch noted that its operations here presented the best combination of market access, available infrastructure, worker training and plant space of all its present operations.

KIP South Carolina, Inc.

October 12, 1999

Jobs: 100
Investment: $2.0 Million

Manufacture fiberglass truck components

The recent arrival of its primary customer, Western Star Trucks, attracted this manufacturer of hoods, sleeper cab caps and other fiberglass parts to North Charleston. Company officials expect to grow their customer base throughout the Southeast, and foresee access to the Port and the growing industrial base here as advantageous to their Canadian-based company.

Carolina Machine Finishing

July 21, 1999

Jobs: 15
Investment: $0.3 Million

Pre-finished products for lumber industry

Carolina Machine Finishing recently located its lumber finishing business to the Dorchester County Industrial Center. The company credited a growing customer/supplier network and the region's pro-business attitude for its decision to operate in the region.

Blue Circle North America and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP

May 28, 1999

Jobs: 15
Investment: $44.0 Million

Cement import and distribution facility

A world-class import and distribution terminal will soon be located in Charleston's neck area -- an enterprise zone -- by Blue Circle Cement and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners L.P. The companies are partnering to create a deep water terminal capable of accommodating 60,000 ton ships. The terminal will store more than 90,000 tons of cement and allow the companies greater ability to serve customers in the Southeast.

Hi-Tek Coatings Company, LLC

May 6, 1999

Jobs: 100
Investment: $3.5 Million

Manufacture & distribute protective marine coatings

Hi-Tek Coatings Company's will locate it manufacturing and warehousing facility on the former naval base. Using a break-through technology based on centuries-old shipping practices, Hi-Tek produces a proprietary anti-foulant product designed to protect under-water equipment from various corrosive materials.

Norton McNaughton of Squire, Inc.

April 28, 1999

Jobs: 130
Investment: $12.0 Million

Distribution of women's casual and career clothing

New York-based clothing maker will operate a 300,000 sq foot distribution center in the Charleston region. Three of the region's strongest assets drew Norton McNaughton to the area -- its port, its labor supply and its low cost of doing business. The company will relocate its current distribution center from New Jersey and offer some of the best working conditions in the garment industry.

SunCom, a member of AT&T Wireless Network

February 25, 1999

Jobs: 265
Investment: $50.0 Million

Regional Headquarters and telecommunications services

Wireless telecommunications provider SunCom has established its regional headquarters in Charleston. The high-tech company will invest more than $50 million and employ 265 in the next three years in the Charleston tri-county region. SunCom is a member of AT&T's wireless network.

Translite Systems, Inc.

January 1, 1999

Jobs: 75
Investment: $1.5 Million

Manufactures sleeper cabs for trucks

This supplier to Western Star is building a manufacturing facility in North Charleston to capitalize on the proximity to their major customer. Translite Systems will produce custom-made sleeper cabs for the high-end, long haul trucking rigs. The company’s sleeper cabs have an integrated design with another supplier that recently located in the area. The region's quality of life and productive labor force were also contributing factors to Translite’s decision to expand here.

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