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Location & Expansion Log

Diverse companies – from startups to multinational corporations – continue to relocate and expand existing operations in the Charleston region.

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CRDA-Facilitated Projects


Easy Tray, LLC

December 17, 2004

Jobs: 31
Investment: $3 Million

Food processing

Easy Tray selected the Charleston region for its corporate headquarters and state-of-the-art processing plant, which uses the latest technology to provide retail and institutional customers with pre-cut produce. Key reasons: quick access to Southeastern markets and available real estate.

Summerville Preferred Partners

December 16, 2004

Jobs: 100
Investment: $2.2 Million

Component assembly services for truck and heavy equipment manufacturers

This fast-growing company set up shop to assemble fire and refuge truck chassis for North Charleston-based American LaFrance. The company also sees potential for other opportunities in the region.

Vought Aircraft Industries / Alenia North America

December 1, 2004

Jobs: 645
Investment: $560 Million

Production of integrated fuselage structures for Boeing 787 Dreamliner passenger jet

The region was selected by two leading international aerostructures manufacturers that will supply integrated fuselage structures for the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Company officials cited the region’s transportation infrastructure, readily available land and skilled workforce as top factors in their decision.

Ramapo Sales & Marketing

September 30, 2004

Jobs: 15

High-end machinery and supplies for the glass and window industry

To meet the growing demand for its high-end machinery and supplies for the window and glass industry, the company is locating both its national distribution hub and its headquarters in the region. Among the reasons: the Port of Charleston and our impressive lifestyle amenities.

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters

September 10, 2004

Jobs: 7

Designs and markets accessories for Apple iPod and other portable digital devices

A young company with huge potential has relocated its headquarters to the Charleston region, crediting the area’s attractive lifestyle with its decision. DLO designs and manufactures accessory products for the popular Apple iPod MP3 player and other portable digital devices.

Verizon Wireless

August 26, 2004

Jobs: 1,100
Investment: $25 Million

Customer service call center

This leading wireless communications provider announced plans to open a state-of-the-art customer call center in the Charleston region. The company cited an excellent talent pool and business friendly environment as key reasons for locating in region.

Metalox International, LLC

June 30, 2004

Recycles by-products of the mini-mill's steel making process

Metalox International, LLC, a company that has developed a process for recycling by-products of the mini-mill's steel making process, has located its headquarters and R&D center in the Charleston region.


June 7, 2004

Jobs: 12

Software for healthcare information systems

This provider of information system enhancements for the health care industry announced the consolidation of its operations to the Charleston region. According to company officials, the lifestyle amenities of the Charleston region will serve as a valuable employee recruitment tool. The company also sees future business potential with the area’s impressive medical sector.

Preferred Sourcing, LLC

April 13, 2004

Jobs: 75
Investment: $0.58 Million

Outsourced services for automotive and other transportation-related manufacturers

Preferred Sourcing, a fast-growing company that provides numerous services to automotive and other transportation-related manufacturers, announced the location of its 10th North American operation in the Charleston region. Company officials cited the Charleston region’s growing base of automotive and marine-related manufacturers and suppliers and easy access to current customers as main factors in their decision.

Quintrex Boats

April 8, 2004

Jobs: 15
Investment: $5 Million

Aluminum boat manufacturer

Australia's largest and leading aluminum boat builder has located its main U.S. headquarters and production facility in the Charleston region as part of the company's extensive launch into the American market. Among the reasons for selecting the region: geographic accessibility and convenient transportation to key markets.

Top Cat Marine Security, Inc.

April 2, 2004

Jobs: 75
Investment: $2 Million

Manufactures high-performance boats

Top Cat Marine Security, a manufacturer of high-performance boats for use by defense, homeland security, port security and law enforcement officials, announced the relocation of its state-of-the-art manufacturing operation to the Charleston region. The company cited a critical mass of defense industry suppliers and a ready-made client base as top reasons for choosing the region.

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